Nimex acquires Erco Systems AB

Erco is a unique producer of special applications for solar shading, which can be seen in reference projects all over the world. With joy and pride we’d now like to announce that they’ve become a part of Nimex.

On Tuesday 28th of August we acquired Erco Systems AB, which was a very important part of our ambition to expand. We plan to embrace Erco’s exceptional products and mind set, and adapt them to the wider market. This will allow us to demonstrate a more unique and compelling portfolio to our costumers.

We are convinced that Erco’s incredibly knowledgable and experienced personnel will give us the best possible preconditions during our process towards a stronger product development and marketing. Erco’s main owner Ronny Kogsta will become product development manager of all the corporations within Nimex.

Erco’s main office and production will stay in Uddevalla and our ambition is that Erco will continue to grow as its own brand, with Nimex’s strengths and guidance at their disposal.

Erco Systems AB

  • • Capitalise around 25M SEK.
  • • Will bring a backlog of about 
15M SEK to Nimex for 2018/19.
  • • ISO 9001, 14001 and 
REPA certified.
  • •

For more information, please contact us:

Tomas Bäckman — CEO/Partner — Nimex
Mattias Klasson — Business developer/Partner — Nimex
Ronny Kogsta — Head of product development — Erco Systems