Strategic partnership

Today's market demands more innovation, wider product ranges, smarter marketing, quicker support, new sales channels and higher delivery speed. This applies regardless of whether you are working in the residential or project sector.

In order to meet these expectations, new strategic steps are required. We are convinced that long-term open partnerships at all levels are the key to success.

After seven successful years especially in the contract sector we’ve entered into a new phase together with Nimex AB. With immediate effect Nimex AB will act as the sole distributor of Vestamatic products in Sweden and Norway.

We have now ensured that we and our customers will continue to be winners in the contract as well as the residential sector for a long time to come. From day one we will offer a unique product and knowledge spectrum unprecedented in the industry. But imagine there is even more to come …

What does this mean for you as a customer?

Short term it means that all Vestamatic products are ordered, delivered and invoiced from Nimex. Terms and conditions are unchanged from before. At the same time, you will get access to a lot of more products and a whole new level of support. We have already recruited several new employees in this spirit.

Long term our customers will have unique opportunities to influence their product range and linked marketing activities. We are very proud to be able to offer a unique total solution in product development - whether it concerns electronics, plastic or metal.

Mattias Klasson will become a shareholder in Nimex AB’s companies and will act as a business developer. Tomas Bäckman will continue as the CEO to Nimex AB. Vestamatic GmbH will support Nimex AB with the development and manufacturing of automation and motorization solutions that will keep the offering outstanding.


Tomas Bäckman
Thorsten Breithor
Mattias Klasson